Augusta Corn

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Brand Relative Maturity Stalk Strength Root Strength Stay Green Plant Height Test Weight Kernel Rows Cob Color Dual Purpose

A2039-5122DCEZ 89 G G G Mt VG 14-16 Pink Yes
A3054-5122DCEZ 104 VG G A M VG 16-18 Red No
A2843-5222DCEZ 93 VG A VG T G 16-20 Pink Yes
A2345-5222DCEZ 95 G VG VG T G 16-18 Pink Yes
A2956-5222DCEZ 106 G G VG T VG 16-18 Pink Yes
A2448-3220GTEZ 98 G G VG Mt G 14-18 Pink Yes
A2651-3122AEZ 101 VG A VG Mt G 14-16 Pink Yes