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Since 1913, the Spangler seed farm has been dedicated to the Wisconsin farmer. That dedication is as strong today as it was over 100 years ago. Wisconsin’s farming roots are deep and although the landscape and practices have modified, some basic principles still apply. Farmers need outstanding products that perform on their soils, matched with their management styles. Growers expect a high level of consistency and reliability not only from those products but in the people that support them.
The Spangler seed farm has embraced and employed these principles since day one.

We understand that each farm field is unique, and each farmer’s approach to the growing season is even more individualized. The agricultural diversity throughout our state, is a good thing. It strengthens our product line up and empowers our staff to excel in supporting the farmer throughout the season.

Every seed, every plant, and every detail are essential to your farm’s success and ours as well. Strong roots matter. Let our seed products and family owned and operated seed farm show you how over 100 years in the seed business can yield, from our farm to yours.

photo of Jeff and John Spangler
Jeff and John Spangler